Our Secret Tragedy…

Cory Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver, British Columbia, hotel room on Saturday, July 13. The actor, who played heartthrob Finn Hudson on “Glee,” was 31 years old. The cause of death is not yet known, but Vancouver police ruled out foul play. An autopsy will be performed on Monday. Look back at Monteith’s recent years in photos.

From CNN Entertainment  article by  Steve Almasy

There is only one way to describe this occasion….tragic.  Many “celebrities” have succumbed to the temptation and overwhelming availability of drugs and alcohol over the years.  It is a well known fact that many young actors, musicians and vocalists have died due to the addiction that began when fame took over.

Cory Monteith was a struggling addict who recently entered rehab, and was found dead in his hotel room on Saturday.  It is not yet known how the actor died.  However, I am sure there is speculation to his past drug use and/or the effects that it has had on his physical self.

It is not usual that I am so moved by the death of a celebrity, but here and now, I am moved to the sadness of this tragic event.  I watch the tv show “Glee”, with my wife and had grown quite fond of the character Finn Hudson, which was played by Cory Monteith.  My wife is a true romantic at heart, and it pleased her that there was a real life romance between Monteith and his counterpart Lea Michele.  I guess I got caught up in it myself.

In all honesty, the truth of the matter is that I felt he was a genuine person.  Sometimes it feels as if you can “just tell” that here is someone you would like to know in your life.  I have none of the celebrity enthusiasm that most people do.  In fact, I am often put off by the lifestyle and pseudo glamor of over-paid persons doing a job.  How, in some circumstance,  they begin to believe their own fiction/illusion that was created for them.  I think I would refuse an invitation to meet most celebrities.  However, there are some people that stick out in your mind.  You see something in them, something familiar.  You can see that they put themselves into their work, they are grateful for what they have, and they trigger something that feels good inside you.  That is when you know that someone is true, real….not just the imagined fiction. Your gut tells you.

We see celebrities as characters on a show, or acting on stage….we don’t truly know them or understand them, we just look at their character and see if we can resonate with that…often forgetting that there is a human being behind the acting.

Cory Monteith admittedly began using drugs at the age of 13, entered rehab at age 19, and just recently this past April 2013, completed rehab after voluntarily putting himself back in the program.

Addiction is not a game, it is not an illness that is easy to conquer, and once addicted….always addicted.  There is never just one time for an addict.  Once is all it takes to spiral a well-made and “survived” life into a long-term tail spin.  I do not know if this tragic death was drug related.  I know through the media we will soon know, however….isn’t it something that we have already decided?  Won’t his legacy be tarnished by his history no matter how it is reported?  Or perhaps something good and honest will come of it.

My mind goes to Lea Michele, not her character Rachel Berry, but the woman who loves him, and how horrifying this time must be for her.  My mind goes to his family, who staged the intervention that got him to rehab at age 19, and especially to the sober man who fought and lost.  However this man, (this celebrity, this actor, musician, singer, loved one, son, brother, and lover) passed on….I hope it was gentle.  I hope it was kind.  I hope you were met with grace and love as you should be, not just because you deserve it, but because we all do.

Just posting the blog “Crossing the Line” was addressing how I would feel at a similar loss, and I cannot imagine the grief that is being felt at this time.  He has inspired me, through his ability to show us a loving and naive character struggling with life and love. Bless you Finn, and thank you Cory Monteith.  You will be missed.